Radiation Dosimetry Solutions

What do we understand by the term Radiation Dosimetry?

Radiation Dosimetry is the science by which radiation doses are measured, calculated, and meticulously assessed, and then assigned to individuals. The technical moniker of a radiation dose is also called “absorbed dose”. Throwing some additional light; fundamentally, it is the volume of radiation energy that gets accumulated on the tissue divided by the mass of the tissue. In simpler words: Dosimetry is the technique that endeavors to quantitatively relate specific measures made in a radiation field to chemical and/or biological changes that the radiation is likely to generate in a target.

RDS is an elite brand that deals in the delivery of customized radiation detection and analysis along with furnishing unique chemical sensing gadgets. The primary intent of our esteemed label is to provide the most advanced technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems.

A quick glance at tailor-made solutions that covers all areas of Radiation Dosimetry

Hexagons radiation dosimetry
  • Active Personal Dosimetry – Gamme / X-ray, Neutron
  • Medical Dosimeters
  • Active Dosimeters for First Responders
  • Intrinsically Safe Dosimeters
  • External Dosimetry
  • Internal Dosimetry
  • Passive Dosimetry & OSL Systems
  • Environmental Dose assessment systems
  • Readers
  • Record Keeping Software – PC and Cloud-Based Servers

Our Specialization

We are thrilled to announce that our Radiation Dosimetry Solutions are endorsed and persistently utilized in Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, Hospitals, and Research Establishments worldwide.

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Our breadth of high-quality radiation detection technologies will ensure the safety of our customers and our environment with today’s solutions for tomorrow’s world.