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Helping Enable Healthier Lives

At RDS our mission is to help enable healthier lives for all by improving the avoidance, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Health Physics: the science fundamentally dealing with the health of people involved in radiation exposure

Health physics is committed to safeguarding people and their surroundings from the potential radiation perils, while at the same time also ensuring that the plethora of radiation perks are effectively reaped.

Ionizing Radiation

The use of ionization radiation cannot be simply ditched as the technology has been benefiting humans in wide areas for several years ranging from medical diagnosis and therapy to scientific research to generating electrical power. Additionally, it is recommended to employ the concept of ionizing radiation in a controlled manner. When overlooked and used in large quantities or unsafe ways, it can be detrimental to living organisms.

Hence, it is imperative to state here that utmost care should be shown when handling the equipment. This way; it sets the seal on minimizing the potential for unnecessary radiation exposure to individuals or environmental contamination when accomplishing chores related to medical, research, or power generation activities. It is then the role of a health physicist comes into play; the professional certifies that the benefits of ionizing radiation are constructively utilized while also securing the health of the workers from potential hazards.


Medical Physics

Medical physics is the practical application of different components of physics in medical diagnosis and treatment with the intent to improve human health and well-being. Further, medical physics is surrounded by four subfields that are mentioned below. Primarily, the medical physicist takes the onus to design, develop, test, and assess these factors, by working in collaboration with a specialist having in-depth knowledge of radiation physics and technical disciplines. Both the sciences in the shape of Health Physics and Medical Physics are devoted to detecting and gauging the volume of radiation exposure to humans and releasing such amounts that are deemed fit for individuals.

RDS provides solutions to both Health and Medical Physics disciplines in the form of detection devices, systems, and software to effectively protect and carry out the functions of the whole domain of Health Physics.

  • Survey and Contamination Meters / Probes
  • Whole Body Monitors
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray Probes
  • Neutron Survey Instruments
  • Emergency Response Kits
  • Area Monitors and Wireless Networks
  • Tool & Laundry Monitors
  • Hand & Foot Monitors
  • Access Control Contamination Monitors
  • Personal Portal Monitors
  • Access Control Systems
  • Active and Passive Dosimetry
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