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Innovative, Quality, and Fast Solutions

When it comes to delivering innovative, quality, and fast solutions for detecting an assembly of chemicals, explosives, contra band drugs, and myriads of chemical warfare agents, RDS simply leads the race. For your irradiation, these systems don’t imperatively require the use of radiation systems and can be integrated directly. What’s more, some of these solutions can even be accumulated both on manned as well as unmanned aerial vehicles/drones.

Additionally, RDS brags for being a dominant provider of customized radiation detection and analysis along with furnishing unique chemical sensing instruments. We officially began giving our elite services 15 years back and ever since then we have ruled the current market. By bestowing advanced technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems, our huge list of clients simply loves to be associated with us. We vow to give such impeccable services in the future too and strive to further enhance the experience of our patrons.

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Why it makes sense to take the services of RDS

  • RDS is a one-stop solution for almost all radiation detection applications.
  • The only venture that proffers a multitude of solutions objectively for divergent applications without being biased towards a particular specific system.
  • You are empowered to gain knowledge from this source that is incessantly fed by hundreds of Radiation Specialists worldwide.
  • It is the single source that is brimming with the accumulated knowledge of over a dozen Radiation Detection Manufacturers.

Complete CBRNE Solutions

  • Radiation Detection ID & Survey Solutions
  • Radiation & Chemical Field Analyzer
    • Ultra Fast – Detect & Identify
    • Chemicals, CWA, Toxic Industrial Gases, Explosives
    • Contraband Drugs
    • Radiation with Radionuclide ID
    • Portable & Wall Mounted
  • Drones: Chemical & Radiation Sensing, Thermal Imaging, Remote Surveillance & Disposal
  • Ultra Fast Chemical & Explosive Detection Systems
  • Hazmat Suit (Level A, B, C)
  • Tactical Robots with multiple sensing tools
    • Remote Surveillance, Disposal
    • 30x Zoom, Tilt, High Resolution Camera
    • Multi-Axis arm with Radiation Detection, Chemical Detection, Explosive Detection & Thermal Imaging
  • Portable Spectroscopy & Nuclide ID
  • Radiation Imaging with Nuclide ID
  • Mobile ID Survey & Radiation Mapping

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Our high-quality services are designed in a way that indisputably ensures the safety of our customers. Plus, we are relentlessly taking steps in delivering top-notch solutions that are the safest bet for tomorrow’s world.