Radiation Detection and CHEMICAL DETECTION

RDS offers a wide range of solutions in multiple applications, including instruments and systems used in all aspects of radiation detection and analysis.


Our speciality is instruments and systems that detect & analyze radiation.

RDS solutions are directed for use in Homeland Security Agencies, Customs and Border Patrol, Hospitals, and in Research Establishments worldwide.


Medical Applications


Health Physics


Radiation Dosimetry


Nuclear Spectroscopy


Environmental Analysis

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RDS partners with innovative and reputable organizations with the goal offering the best price to performance ration for its customers worldwide.

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Radiation Detection and Monitoring Products

Products include Radiation Counting Laboratory Systems like germanium (HpGe) detectors, gamma spectroscopy systems, alpha spectroscopy systems, low level alpha beta counting systems, liquid scintillation systems, health physics instruments, whole body counters, and customized radiation monitoring networks for surface, airborne, or marine applications, and advanced Mobile Laboratories. An expanded list of products and services is shown below:

  • High Resolution Gamma spectrometry solutions
  • High Resolution X-Ray Systems
  • Medium Resolution Gamma spectrometry systems based on Lanthanum Bromide and NaI detectors
  • Sample changes for Gamma systems using marinelli beakers and vials
  • Low level Alpha/Beta  counting systems – Window and window less (including systems for C-14 and H-3 analysis using gas glow systems)
  • Alpha Spectroscopy Systems
  • Liquid Scintillation analysis
  • In-Situ Spectroscopy Systems  based on High Resolution  and Standard resolution systems based  Germanium,  Lanthanum and NaI detectors
  • Field Inspection and Nuclide Identification Systems- SAM, Handy, Hand Held Survey meters
  • Whole Body and In-Vivo counting Systems with Analysis Software – Standing and Bed configuration with NaI, Germanium Based High Resolution Systems with detectors   Dosimetry Package with various options.
  • Body Contamination Systems based on Sealed Gas detectors
  • Waste assay systems – Fixed and Portable
  • Portals Monitoring and Border control Systems –  Plastics Scintillator detectors  and NaI detector based advanced Portals
  • Early Earning/ RMS/ Perimeter Monitoring systems – based on Gamma, Particulates, and Iodine CAM/PIFF  and Mobile Inspection Vehicles
  • External Dosimetry systems and accessories- Based on New Optical Luminescence Technology
  • Educational and Training Systems
  • Training courses
  • Consulting Services
  • Other Systems
    • Geo Exploration systems
    • Bore hole logging systems from
    • Deep under water spectroscopy Systems
    • On-Line Sea water monitoring system (both gross and spectroscopy)
    • Mobile Laboratories
    • National and Perimeter Monitoring Early Warning Systems for Radiation

RDS has completed projects in over 20 countries.


Selected List

Recent Major Projects & Customers

  • US Department of Energy- Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Partnered in Major Project)
  • Honeywell Aerospace USA
  • Saudi Arabian Civil Defense
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • US Navy Nuclear Laboratory – Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
  • Argentina Atomic Energy Agency
  • Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP)
  • Malaysia Nuclear Agency
  • Atomic Energy Licensing Board Malaysia
  • Qatar Steel Company
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Water
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health
  • Dubai Municipality, UAE
  • Turkish Atomic Energy Agency
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Agency
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority
  • Singapore Ministry of Health
  • National Technical University of Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health
  • National Atomic Energy of Indonesia (BATAN)
  • Connecticut State Police
  • Bahrain Civil Defense
  • RTML Laboratory, Chittagong Bangladesh


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